Am I eligible for impairment benefits?

You may claim such benefits if you have at least two (2) years of service credit, and if you are incapable of performing any tasks due to health problems. There is no minimum service credit required to get the benefits, if you end up being handicapped as a result of an accident.

When should I get impairment benefits?

You must finish the application IMMEDIATELY, if your impairment is expected to last more than sixty (60) days. If you are uncertain whether or not your disability will last two (2) months or longer, you still need to complete the application. Your application should be on file with DICE within one (1) calendar year after the date on which your disability took place.

What takes place after I send my application for impairment benefits?

Once a completed application is received at the DICE office, the Medical Claims Processor then decides whether or not you will be qualified for the benefits, based upon the medical details received. After evaluating your claim, the Medical Claims Processor will inform you in writing.

Is there anything else I have to do after I submit my disability application?

You may be asked by the DICE Medical Claims Processor to have an additional assessment done by another doctor.

What appropriate disability/medical documentations do I need with my application?

Example of medical/disability documents include:

A document from your Special Needs Officer at university, stating the modifications the university has in place for your medical certificates, from your physician or other health expert.

Do I need official academic records for the application?

If you can’t get an authorization transcript, then a validated “unofficial” transcript would suffice.

Will the possible companies be warned of my special needs?

In the application, there is a particular section that asks you to supply information about your special needs; the nature of the special needs, what adjustments are in needed at university, and exactly what modifications you may require in the work location. These details will have to be filled in prior to being sent to a company. The documents will serve as a guide to the persons in charge what special requirements you need at the office due to your disability.