Family Planning: Disability Support


People with disability have sexual needs, and rights to marry and make informed decisions about having children. They have the right to make their own informed choices on family planning methods. To help make the right choice, there are disability support groups that give accurate, adequate, and accessible information about sexual health, reproduction and family planning.  Family planning allows couples to attain their desired number of children and the right spacing and timing of their births. Limiting pregnancies can impact the health of the mother and the wellbeing of the child. This can be achieved through the use of contraceptive methods.

Contraception is also called birth control or family planning. There are many types of contraception methods, not all method is 100% effective.  You will need to find what method works for you.

Contraceptive Barriers:
Male condom – also called rubber is the most effective way to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmissible infection during sex.
Female condom – this is an alternative to male condom.
Diaphragms – this is a barrier that fits inside the vagina and covers the cervix to stop the sperm from fertilising the egg.

Daily Contraceptive Pills:
Combined pill – this pill is made from two synthetic hormones that help prevent pregnancy.
The Mini pill – this pill is made from only one hormone progestogen.

Emergency Contraception:
Morning after Pill – is best taken ideally within 24 hours of having unprotected sex.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception:
Contraceptive Implants – slowly release hormones into the body over time.
Contraceptive Injection – contains a hormone that is similar to progesterone.
Intrauterine Device – this is a small device that is put into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Other Contraceptive Methods:
Natural Family Planning – uses physical changes that occur during menstrual cycle to avoid having sex and reduce the risk of pregnancy.
Tubal Ligation (Sterilisation) – this is a permanent method of contraception for women who do not want to have children in the future.
Vasectomy – is an operation done to men to block the tubes in the groin that carry sperm.
NuvaRing – vaginal ring that works similar to oral contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy

People with disability should have the same choices regarding reproductive health and family planning. Here’s a list of disability support groups that give information on sexual health and reproductive health choices for people with disabilities.

Family Planning NSW
Family Planning NSW State Office
328-336 Liverpool Road Ashfield NSW 2131
Tel: 02 8752 4300
Family Planning NSW provides clinical services, health promotion and education and trainings at their clinics. They have a range of disability resources to help people with intellectual disability, teachers, clinicians, disability workers, and parents and carers. The easy to read resources are illustrated to ensure people with intellectual disability can understand them. FPNSW also provides specialist training for doctors, nurses, teachers, community workers and other professionals.

Family Planning Victoria
Tel: 03 9257 0100
Box Hill Clinic:  01 Whitehorse Rd (PO Box 1377) Box Hill, 3128
Action Centre: Level 1, 94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, 3000
Family Planning Victoria focuses on reproductive and sexual health care, education and advocacy. They work on improving the reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing of everyone in Victoria including people with disability. They work on strengthening the primary care and community-based service system to help people make decisions about their sexual and reproductive wellbeing.

True Org Relationship & Reproductive Health
Brisbane: Building 1230 Lutwyche Road Windsor QLD 4030
Tel: 07 3250 0200
True provides relationships and sexuality education services specifically for people with a disability. They have packages developed to meet the needs of young people and adults with a disability. They use visual resources and interactive activities to help individuals understand bodies, enjoy healthy relationships and be safe. They also offer group education sessions for people with disability and a consulting service for schools and organisations.

South Eastern CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence)
Family Planning Victoria Inc
Box Hill: 901 Whitehorse, Road Box Hill 3128
Tel: (03) 9257 0100
City: 277 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9654 4766 Freecall: 1800 013 952
Family Planning Victoria provides statewide service staffed with professionals who work directly with people with disabilities. They provide counselling and educational services in the area of Human Relations, Sexuality and Sexual Health for people with disabilities, parents, carers and families, teachers and other disability services workers.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT
Level One, 28 University Avenue, Canberra, ACT, 2601
Tel: 02 6247 3077
Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT is a strong health promotion charity that delivers sexual and reproductive health services to Canberra community. They have a comprehensive specialist library and resource centre containing books, info sheets & pamphlets. They also have teaching kits, videos and other information on sexuality and reproductive health topics.