Disabled Sex: Invisible Trysts

In Japan, an organisation called as the White Hands caters the sexual needs of primarily those with cerebral palsy. Japan Today reported that most of the business’ patients were disabled singles who cannot masturbate or married individuals who can’t get off on their own. On average, a 15-minute session costs 3,500 yen. Interestingly, not all the services the business provides where sexually in nature. For instance, some patients would just want the escorts to rub them down and slip a condom on them without the escorts getting undressed or engaging in a sexual contact.

There are also erotic services, such as phone sex for the disabled that have sparked the interest of those physically or intellectually incapacitated. With all these opportunities for the disabled to sexually get off and get laid, research shows that the chances for disabled people in having a long-term partner or marrying non-PWDs are not that great. In fact, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom demonstrated that 44 percent of the respondents haven’t had any sexual contact yet with persons with disabilities while 77 percent do not entertain the idea of having sex with them.

Sexuality of the Disabled

Over the years, the sexuality of those disabled was suppressed. According to Dr. Tom Shakespeare, author of the book The Sexual Politics of Disability, the sexuality of the disabled were stereotyped as asexual, perverse, or sometimes hypersexual. For example, some literary pieces illustrated the absence of sexuality of the disabled. Let’s take Hephaestus as an example. Hephaestus was banished from the Olympus by his mother because of his physical impairment. When Hephaestus married Aphrodite, his wife was not loyal to him, again because of his disability.

More often than not, the sexual desires of PWDs are disregarded. Maybe because it is better to protect them from being sexually intimate with others rather than get rejected and get hurt in the long run. However, they, too, want a sex life. Sexuality is an essential part of human nature. Whether you are physically, intellectually or mentally incapacitated, everyone should be able to express their sexual thoughts, feelings, desires and fantasies. Good thing that there are businesses nowadays that service the sexual needs of the disabled, like those in Japan.