Life Is One Big War

Odd topic to kick start our journey, some might say but it is anything but odd considering the current scenario of the world. Be it countries, companies, industries or even individuals, we are all at war. Companies fighting to become the sole monopoly, countries wanting to own global resources, industries trying to squabble a few extra quarter’s of profit to their side, a favorable lobby and individuals in a constant attempt to gain the acceptance of society – life surely is one big war.

We at DICE truly believe in providing information to our readers that helps them better manage their limited resources, gain the utmost privileges from the time, effort and money they put in and it is keeping with this belief that we strive to provide the most comprehensive and yet truthful insight into world events. From products that compelled our imagination to think further, ideas that inspired us to people who touched our life – we will share anything that remotely comes close to giving you an upper hand in life.

Stay with us as we explore various avenues for side income, delve deep into product niches that are currently doing great and news that can change the course of history, alter it or influence it deeply.