Cigarette – A Wish Come True For Many

AFolks around the world this past Christmas, were being purchased something which you’d never anticipate to be wrapped up as a Christmas present: cigs.

Well, let us elaborate. People all over the world had family or friends that had the notion to purchase electronic cigarette kits as gifts. The receivers were likely not that surprised, although non-traditional. People around the planet that were formerly smokers of tobacco smokes are now beginning to purchase e-cigs merchandise due to the various advantages which are contained in place of actual smokes. The e-juice could be purchased in varying strengths of nicotine, and may also be found in flavors like cherry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and much more. There’s even e-juice sold that’s flavored like maple syrup!

Long time cigarette smokers which have changed to e cigarettes are pleased with their conclusion the majority of the time. Never did they believe they’d have the ability to smoke without disturbing someone with the scent, nor did they believe they could smoke without having all of the health hazards related. Cigarette run off of a battery, which powers an atomizer -juice into a vapor. Either type will wind up continuing up to occasionally over 500 puffs, undoubtedly more than pack of cigarettes will continue.

Cigarette may be something that more individuals will start to unwrap come Christmas, they are just growing in popularity, and in the speed they are going, actual ones will shortly be out-of-date.

Ten-Year-Old With Autism is All-Around Athlete

Josh Feneley from Hornsby Heights, NSW made headlines in late 2014 for winning medals left and right. He competes in basketball, swimming, cricket, Australian Rules football, as well as cross country.

Born and diagnosed with autism, that didn’t stop him from finishing the two-kilometer run and winning a silver medal in the “Athlete with a Disability under Ten” category at the National Cross Country Championships, which was held last September in Albany.

As a swimmer, he competed at the NSW Championships in March 2014 for the freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke events. He became enthused with cricket and Aussie Rule football when he moved to Asquith Public School, from St. Lucy’s School in Wahroonga, NSW.

Just last February 19th 2015 , the NewsLocal Junior Sports Star of the Year awards honored him and many other young athletes for their resilience in the world of sports. The event was held at the Bicentennial Park’s Waterview Conference Centre.

Josh Feneley is unlike most kids his age, who would rather turn to the Internet and tap and swipe their gadget’s touchscreen than to go outside and play. His mother, Kerry, couldn’t be more swollen with pride of her son’s accomplishments, at such a young age no less.

“I love that he does a lot of sport…he is very hyperactive. We love him and are so proud of his –achievements,” she said.

Josh Feneley was also nominated for a Hornsby Advocate Young Achiever award for the third week of February 2015.

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley Wins Gold at ASPAs

Kurt Fearnley, world-renowned wheelchair racer, is once again one of the big winners at the recent Paralympics, claiming his award at the AIS Sports Performance Awards (ASPAs).

Participated in three marathons (a total of eight weeks), Fearnley placed first in Sydney, second in Chicago, and first again in New York. Currently, he has three gold medals.

Out of all the marathons he took part in – 58 all in all – he won in 37 and placed in 16 of them, missing the podium only five times. In 2007 alone, he was a recipient of numerous Athlete of the Year awards at the NSW Institute of Sport, Confederation of Australian Sport, and New South Wales Sports Federation; in the same year, he was also a Western Region Academy Hall of fame inductee and a Laureus World Sports Awards finalist.

Aside from his athletic efforts, he has written an autobiography with journalist Warwick Green called Pushing the Limits, which details not only his achievements, but his struggle to complete and win all those marathons. His book also discloses his resilience despite the discrimination about his disability, which he has encountered throughout his life.

A father to a 7-month old son, an accomplished athlete, and an author, Kurt Fearnley serves as inspiration to people fighting against indignities of any kind, specifically representing a group of people who may have disabilities but still have the right to live life to the full. And the Paralympics is his way of reaching out to those who need that push, to overcome life’s great trials and speak up.

Throughout Paralympic history, disabled athletes including John Maclean, Michael Milton, and Louise Sauvage (just to name a few) have become images of strength and perseverance. And it is without question that Kurt Fearnley of Cowra, NSW is an addition to that list of greats.

Online Voting for the Disabled Now Available in NSW

The disabled and blind from New South Wales will now have a more convenient way of voting by marking their ballots via online. The web-based voting system is called iVote. Previously, the only option for voting was going to the polling booth, the same way people without disabilities take part in the election.

Collin Barry, the electoral commissioner in NSW, expressed that this new system enables each and every individual to have their say in the voting.

Apart from the disabled, candidates qualified to use iVote are those who have impaired vision, speech disorder, reside in locations very far from a polling site, and those who are not in the state during the day of the election.

Many would significantly gain from the new system, considering that there are currently about 54,000 electors in NSW who are suffering low vision; around 13,000 who are visually impaired; over 33,000 living in remote areas; and an estimate of 330,000 have different kinds of disabilities.

In addition, voters who are not in the country in time for election day are qualified to use iVote.

Election day is on the 28th of March, Saturday. Registration also closes on that day at one in the afternoon. After the registration, voters are able to use the system beginning March 16th up to March 28th at six in the evening.

For more information about iVote, visit their official website.